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    Arrange objects isn't working

    zoër23670066 Level 1

      This just started yesterday and I'm still new to animate, so I don't know what's happening or how to fix it.


      animate CC on windows 8


      Arrange>send to back/send backward/send forward/bring to front are all greyed out.   When I click on the selection tool and select the object I want to arrange (in this case, I made a face and then covered it in a circle, then I wanted to send the circle behind it to create the hair) the object, when selected, instead of just having the guides around the outside, it's now filled with dots.   Last night, I did do something (I don't remember what) to get it to finally stop being greyed out, but the selection still filled with dots and when I actually clicked on 'send to back' it just didn't do anything.  but now this morning opening a whole new document, the options are greyed out and I can't figure out how to change that.


      somehow I've toggled a setting that I'm not aware of, so how do I get it back?


      Nothing changes when I toggle object drawing mode.  There's only one layer, so it isn't a layer issue, it's arranging the objects on a single layer.  it worked just fine before I must've accidentally pushed something while using it yesterday.


      my thumb button on the pen is set to spacebar (bottom) v (top) - I'm not sure if that info is helpful, but this happened after I changed the settings on the pen so maybe one of those buttons triggered something else that I am not realizing?