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    newbie needs scroll bar help

      Hello anyone,
      I am fairly new to flash, I am using the MX version. I am having trouble getting my scroll bars to load with the page load? The bar shows up, but it does not give the option to scroll. If I click off the page and return to it then the slider is there and it works, but not on initial load. I have tried to set the action script run on load but this has not worked. I am a little confused and any help would be greatly appriciated.

      Also as an aside issue, can you load images into a text box?
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          lorriegm Level 1
          am I on the right board for this type of question? I am not very knowledgable in action scripts, but I have been trough the tutorials and I bought the action scripts for dummies book, however I have done everything that they say to do and still can't get the bars to work right.

          any help or redirection for help somewhere else would be greatly appriciated.
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            Can you provide a link where the problem is occuring?

            To set an image inside a text box make a movie clip and put the text field and image inside that movie clip. Give that movie clip a instance name and call upon that instance name to scroll instead of the text box. make sense?