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    Hanging Splash Screen/Launch Screen

    littleprint Level 1

      So since updating my software to iOS Sierra, I've had no problems at all so far with the Adobe CC, save one..... Indesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop are all set to auto-launch on my desktop. This has never been a problem, they always start up fantastic, and only occasionally do I have to sign in, anymore. (It's still irritating having to sign in once every other day, despite a 30 day license, but I digress...)


      So far, my one big peeve is that on Indesign and Photoshop, the Splash Screen/Launch Screen sticks. The program opens, I can use things just fine, except for that 6x4in space dead center in my screen. A problem, to say the least! Quitting and relaunching the application and remaining focused on the program until it's fully loaded fixes the problem, but I have other things to get done while these are loading and would prefer not wasting my time opening them one-by-one whilst staring at my screen the whole time.


      Anyone know what could be causing this, or is it just going to be one of those "shut up and deal with it" kinda things? **Frustrated with non-productive time**


      NOTE: This is not the "Welcome Window" but the screen that loads all the drivers, etc, before ever reaching the program itself. You know, the one with all the ....strange.... graphics on it.....

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          I think you will have to wait until Adobe brings up an update or bugfix or the next version. I think, people who have updated to Sierra so fast did not consider those problems which always appear with system upgrades and Apple has also a very bad history of incompatibilities with system upgrades and existing programs. Someone who has critical work to do should always wait until all important applications are adapted to the new OS.

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            amaarora Adobe Employee


            since you have updated your os, i suggest that you once delete your indesign preferences and cache and then try relaunching. Also ensure to empty your trash before launching ID. Hopefully, it will work fine then.

            PS: this will delete all your saved preferences if any.


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              cms finanz agp66347038


              I’ve the same problem. But on a freshly installed system (Sierre 10.12.5).

              I work with the latest version of Indesign. In Photoshop, I’ve almost the same problem. There remains only the shadow of the splash screen hanging. Also annoying.

              The daily, additional restart of the program helps.


              Is there no solution? Deleting the preferences is always nice. But with a freshly installed system this is not a logical solution.



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                hughanagle Level 1

                Emma, on this forum, found a solution to this problem which she told me about just yesterday or the day before. (It solved the problem for her and for me so hopefully it will work for you, too.)


                I am quoting what she said below:



                I think I've found a solution to splashscreen.

                I spent all morning with Adobe online help, but stumbled on it accidently.

                For me - it was to do with login items. I got rid of indesign from User & Groups login items and threw away login preferences (com.apple.loginitems.plist) and it's sorted.

                Hope this works for you.