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    How do i render a video (originally from photoshop) with a transparent background ?




      I have made a short animation to appear on top of a music video in Photoshop CC, the animation is made up of text that appears to "shudder" or "wobble". It's your run of the mill sequence where I wrote out the lettering 6 times and then placed it into timeline (one after the other) and repeated it.


      What I am struggling with now is rendering the video whilst keeping the transparent background. I am aware that quicktime does not support transparent backgrounds so what I am asking is whether there is a way of exporting my video from photoshop, transferring it into After Effects, and then using AE to render the transparent background?


      Whenever I try to export from Photoshop the whole video is black with the outline of the text simply flashing at me.


      Here is an example of what i am looking to achieve!

      Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 14.14.56.png


      I really would appreciate any advise!!


      thanks so much