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    Pagemaker 7 hangs by positioning tif images

    steffenb98664538 Level 1

      Hi there,


      i hope for help at following problem:


      a college told me PM 7 hangs everytime he added a tif image to page. This hang takes approximately 10 minutes. After this procedure nothing happens and no error message is on the sceen. The Picture were not inserted and the programme runs normally again. i´ve checked this bahavior and i finded out that this just happens when the tif file was saved by mspaint or paint.net. It seems that this kind of programmes saves the file in that kind of format, that dont fit to PageMaker. We have a lot of Tif Files and i just find out this relationship. I dont know how Pagemaker expect a valid tif format.


      Does anyone know a adobe tool to check for valid tif files or convert to a valid one?

      Does anyone know a solution for my problem?


      My Environment:

      Windows 10

      16 GB RAM

      Core i7 4th generation


      thanks for help.