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    my deleted images in lr6 appear as cache files on my desktop using mac 10.11.6. Whypdates recently.


      i have not uploaded new updates in my LR.cc 2015.7  nor an mac updates in the last few weeks.

      Within the last 10 days when i delete an image from the library module a white cache file appears on my desktop.

      E.g." Cache00000000 398.dat"

      If i try to open the file. box message appears with this notation.

      "Adobe Acrobat reader could not open this cache either because it is not an impoted filetype or because the site was damaged[for example sent as an email attachment and not correctly decoded."

      when i highlight the many cache files and move them to trash, they appear in my mac trash and then can be deleted.


      this slows my workflow.


      My questios are "Why is this happening and how can it be corrected?' Thank you