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    strange colour distribution on the wheel

      What kind of colour wheel does kuler use? It definitely differs from standard ones like in this website: http://color-wheel-pro.com/color-wheel-types.html
      Can somebody explain it, please?
      When you take in HSV mode H=0 it is red okay but when you place H=180 (half the value) it is cyan okay BUT cyan is not placed opposite the red and it lies several degrees lower!
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          And it affects all color dependencies. The complementary colours are no longer complementary!
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            Hello there,

            I am not much familiar with how HSV gives the hue codes to the colors but there is an unfortunate fact about cyan is in front of the red in color wheels. It is even ture for the link you attached. In advance it is true for RGB and CMYK color wheels, which is the most respected. Most probably you are mistaken because of pigment color wheel which they teach in art lessons. In that color wheel i there is a different system according to the traditional painting pigments. That color wheel is no more valid in the market, since rgb represents light and cmyk represents print colors perfectly. Additionally RGB color wheel and CMYK color wheel has the same order but it is like rotated since the primary colors are shifted from rgb to cmy. The issue is deep but if you check color theory from net, there will be no problem i guess.

            Take care.