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    Can we have a proper compare function please? One that works properly?


      Why doesn't the compare function in Acrobat DC work properly?


      I have a relatively simple report document that contains text and tables (no images).  I edited the document source (It's a DITA xml document) and added a couple of paragraphs.  Now I need to provide my customer with a redline type document highlighting the changes but the compare function in Acrobat DC just doesn't work properly.


      Because I've added a couple of paragraphs in the middle of the document the oagination has changed and some of the table now split across pages at a differennt point.  There is no difference in the table but Acrobat DC INSISTS on highlighting every change in pagination as a delete and an insert.


      This is useless as my customer complains and it is very confusing.  If instead I output the report as a Microsoft Word document and use Microsoft Word's comparison feature it's shows only the actual changes,  I've bee wanting to use Acrobat's compare feature for months but every time I try it it just doesn't do a proper compare.

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          CharuMaheshwari Adobe Employee

          Helo Jeff,


          Thanks for reporting the issue.

          I understand that you are getting lots of false differences when using compare files.


          I have few questions which will help me look deep into the issue.

          1. What is the version of Acrobat Pro DC that you are using?
          2. What is the OS version of your system?
          3. Can you please share the files you are facing issue with, if not confidential?



          Adobe Acrobat DC Team


          Getting version of Application (Acrobat DC)

          1. Click on Help menu in application
          2. Click on About Adobe Acrobat DC…