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    Legacy AS2 project won't open in Flash CS6 on OSX 10.11.6

    CheshireSmile24 Level 1

      I have an older project that was built for a client in CS6 using AS2


      It is around 200MB and they want it to be updated for an upcoming event.


      The file was last open in January of 2016 when before our systems were updated.


      No when I open the project with Flash CS6 I get the following message. "Could not open one or more scenes, probably because of low memory. To increase available memory close open documents"


      Flash is the only program open, and there are not other documents open. I have 4GB of RAM.


      I have tried to reconfigure the jvm.ini file as suggested in other posts.


      This does not work. Does anyone have any suggestions?


      I am in a real bind here and need help.


      I can open the project in Animate no problem however because it was created using AS2 it strips the code out of the file.


      I look forward to any comments.