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    A query



      I am learning Macromedia flash, and just the other day I created this LOCK in flash. Its just like a normal lock with a gold body, black key hole and that silver part which we insert into chains or latches.

      The doubt is a little difficult to explain, so just be a little careful while reading.
      I drew each part separately and clubbed them to form one single MOVIE CLIP called lock_mc.
      Now lock_mc, as a single identity travels from the left to right finely using motion tween. When I double click on lock_mc, I get the originally isolated parts back again and there's a totally new time frame. NOW if I create some motion between the individual lock parts, I am able to create the motion tween INSIDE lock_mc, but when I return to the main stage and play the animation, the lock moves from left to right as before, but the motion between the individual lock parts which I created INSIDE lock_mc, aren't seen, as I was expecting.

      Is there any way to show those motions as the lock is moving in the main stage ?
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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Yes, but you should describe what you did inside the lock_mc. Did you put a stop(); command anywhere on the inner timeline? If you did then you need to tell it to play() at some point. If you didn't, it may have already played somewhere along the line where you couldn't see it, though without a stop it should continuously loop.

          Also, is the lock mc a movieclip symbol or a graphic symbol? The type of symbol you create will also make a difference. The individual parts can be graphic symbols, but the lock_mc as a whole should be a movieclip symbol
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            fredingston Level 1
            Also, keep in mind that an animation inside a MovieClip (your lock_mc) will not playback when you do a real-time preview on stage (pressing enter). You'll need to publish the file first to see the sub-animation play.