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    One font not displaying correctly for one person

    katieb61914607 Level 1

      Hey guys! I have a question...


      I keep getting feedback from one person that some fonts don't display correctly when they look at my interactive pdfs. Specifically, Helvetica Neue Medium shows up the same weight as Helvetica Neue Light. I skyped with this person today, and she screenshared with me, and sure enough she is right. It's not just that it's not as dark as she'd like, it looks exactly the same as the light.


      I thought maybe it was a Mac to PC thing, so I borrowed my hubs' work PC to see if it showed up correctly on his, and it did.


      Is this just some corrupted font cache files on her computer or something maybe? I don't want to shrug this off, but I don't know what else I can really do, other than maybe just change it to a heavier bold I know her computer shows correctly. But that would compromise branding, for possibly just one person... Thoughts? Am I exporting incorrectly maybe? I didn't think I was, but who knows...