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    Corrupted swatches in InDesign

    PIA Marketing2 Level 1

      While creating a file to test export to PDF options, I was scrolling through all the different swatch Color Modes "New Color Swatch" and selected several to use in the document. I think it was when I selected the System (Macintosh) mode that it got "stuck" - meaning that while I could change the Color Type and Color Mode pull down menus, the change was never reflected in the swatch color options below - it remained stuck with the rgb values of what I think is the System (Macintosh) library.


      I shut down the new swatches option and re-opened; same result. Shut down the program and restarted, same thing. I simply cannot choose a new swatch color now. Any idea on hwo to fix this without having to reinstall the app?


      - Jnewswatchgonewild.jpeg