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    Accidently purchased wrong video - getting the run around


      I accidently purchased a video and immediately filed a tech support claim the next business day. The two videos were very similar to one another and I just purchased the wrong one.


      Check it out.

      Wrong video: 101393872

      Correct video: 101393667


      My initial request for a refund for the wrong video was declined and I requested an escalation. I received an email 2-days later stating that my case was "Pending Customer Action as we are waiting a response from you" but there was no way to follow up, except to call back in and wait on hold...again. I called in last Friday and was informed that the person's "boss" was out of the office and that I would receive a call-back on Monday. It's Tuesday with no callback.


      What gives with the lack of follow up here and broken commitments with this issue. This is not acceptable customer service.


      This is my case: #0219938340