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    Why can't I resize master pages?


      None of the following techniques let me change the margins of master pages in InDesign CC. Please tell me what I am doing wrong:


      • Pages Panel…select A-Master…Layout…Margins and Columns (change margin settings with Layout Adjustment checked)…Pages Panel…Apply Master to Pages….[specify pp.] 1-7…print…[find nothing different].


      • Perform the above steps, but click on Override All Master Page Items either at the beginning of the sequence or before selecting pp. 1-7 in the Pages Panel. Whether I then print pp. 1-7 or, unlikely, click on Apply Master to Pages before printing, nothing is different in the print.


      • Nor is there any difference if I select all pages, change the margins under the Layout menu, click on Override All Master Page Items either at this point or before I begin, and then print pp. 1-7.


      Is there an issue about having oo much text on the page, whereby there is no room to increase the margins?


      I have had some luck by scaling the pages, but sometimes Scale cannot be selected.

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          Your description is not very descriptive. Provide us with some screen shots and more what you are doing and what you expect it should happen.

          Further, what kind of layout adjustment are you using? Or do you use Liquid Layout?

          What version of InDesign are you using as there are several CC versions: CS6, CC2014, CC2015 and more will come.

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            Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Did you try to use the Page Tool to resize masters?
            That's available since InDesign CS5.


            I'm not sure what you exactly try to accomplish here:

            1. Resizing the master pages?

            2. Changing the margins and columns only?
            And then trying to flow the text according to the new margins and columns.