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    Spawning Multiple Pages

    nicolec26875103 Level 1

      I am updating an old form of ours which will make a 15 page long form into a 2 page form (With the option to add the pages needed to it), This form has a list of options with radio buttons.  When they click Yes on one of the options, it spawns a template page for that option and navigates to the last page.  This has worked perfectly until I got to an option that requires two pages to be spawned.  I can get it to spawn two pages but I need it to navigate to the second last page now instead of the last page.  Does this even make sense?  Is there any way to do this at all?  I am using Adobe Acrobat Pro.  Thanks in advance hopefully! (Btw I am self taught so don't have much understanding of the program or Javascript but am trying hard!)