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    How to scale the radio button component?

    garybrindley Level 1

      I have created an AIR for iOS app intended for iPad only. I have successfully published the app. It contains a form that works fine but there are several form components - Radio buttons and Checkboxes that look tiny on the Retina display. I can make the labels of the components bigger (and I have done) but the actual Radio buttons and checkboxes are still tiny.


      I have tried simply scaling up the elements in the skin (movieclip) for each component instance but they do not display any different in the parent. I can see AS3 to edit the textFormat (in lots of places) but everyone seems to shy away from describing how to change the skin.




      ps. I have found literally no information on how to do this after looking on the forums and Adobe documentation for 3 days. I went to live chat with Adobe and was told there is no documentation so I need to post the question, so are there any Adobe heroes out there?