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    Movie Clip Button mouse over animation error

      We are having some trouble with the mouse over animation for one of our buttons on our flash project ( Here). If you skip the intro and click on any subsection in home the buttons go back in, then if you mouse over and out just right the button has a 'seizure' where it goes in, out, in, out.

      You can try to reproduce this by going just barely into the boundaries of the left buttons then out, we're guessing that flash realizes that we're not over the button anymore so the button contracts, but the mouse is also still over the button, so it goes out... if you try it out it will make a lot more sense.

      Is there any way we can fix this?
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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          I cannot reproduce the problem after trying all sorts of mouseover/outs based on what I can understand of your instructions to make it happen. Maybe someone else will have better luck.
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            GCAcademy Level 1
            I found a good way to explain how to reproduce it:

            Click on the campus tour link. When the page loads, next to the campus tour button there is a school building drawing and under that is a 'backwards D shaped' road. Move your mouse left and right around the leftmost tip of the backwards D, making sure that you cause the Campus Tour Button animation to activate. Eventually you should notice it (especially if you have sound on, then the clicking noise is very telling of the bug.)

            Or an even easier way, just make your mouse cross the left part of the road left, right, left, right, making sure the mouse over activates, then if you do notice the weird animation, keep your mouse on the right side of the road and hopefully you'll see our problem.