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    Multiple Inquiries: File Size, quality, and multiprocessing.


      Hello all!!
      This one is a doozy... I will give an overview of the project at hand and then my individual hiccups that are causing me grief.


      Basically for my Design thesis I have an A0 composition (yes it is big) that has oh lets say about 300 to 400 layers in photoshop. I need to make a presentation and would like to include a timelapse-like video composition showing the makeup of the A0 composition from start to finish.


      So, having used AE unprofessionally in the past, I know the basics and have delved into a few intricate processes, but am stunted now by my knowledge of the program and require your help. I have looked online, and have read the FAQs but have not found any answers to my satisfaction, so here goes:

      I have a main comp with nested comps in it, which I am trying to pre-render in order to make the final render time shorter. Now, I have introduced my psd files into after effects having reduced their size from A0 to A2 (at 300dpi), which has already reduced the quality of the image, but not beyond unusable. The ONLY animation going on in AE is Opacity changes from 0 to 100 and a camera layer that is panning the document as all the layers come into light. That's it!

      1. I read online that it is wise to pre-render in lossless so that the sub comps don't get compressed, then re compressed during the final render, lowering the overall quality of the final product. I did that... and ended up (yes i know, of course) with files 160GB thick... for 40seconds of footage. Obviously i know this is due to the extreme resolution of imagery i am using in my project (somewhere in the 7000x4000 px range) and the lossless option for output. My question, having found no other projects like this on the web, is: what would you advise me to do in order to retain a minimum of quality for my final video. I tried reducing the size of the images in AE (using the transform, constrain to height of a new HDTV 1080p comp) but that just literally scraps my images to pixelated nonsense looking stuff when the camera zooms int. I still need to zoom in with the camera at certain parts and would like the result to look prestine and clean. Any idea how i can get my A2 300dpi images looking fab in AE without having to buy terabytes of disk space? ^^

      2. I am having issues with multiprocessing on my machine. I have an Asus Laptop with i7-4710HQ @2.50 GHz and 16 GB of RAM, safe to say that it is an OK machine that should give some umph to my rendering. Well, not quite. I enabled multiprocessing, gave AE permission to use 12.9 gigs of that RAM, leave 3 gigs for other programs, and allocate 1.5 gigs of RAM per background CPU, effectively utilizing 7 of the cores available. Well during my rendering, at the bottom it says AE is only using 10% of my 16gigs... and never goes higher than that. What am I doing wrong?


      Many, Many thanks to whomever can help, and any information they can provide. The presentation is due soon, so I would like to get this going.


      Kind Regards,


      Nathan Gilbert


      ps: I have found Dave LaRonde to be very usefull on many of other people's inquiries, Dave could you take a crack at this?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          What am I doing wrong?

          Nothing. As long as you are rendering to a clip-based output format, you are always a slave of linear processing. You simply cannot add frames B and C without rendering frame A first. That is not only a limitation in many of AE's processing routines, but also in many CoDecs. Your only chnace to improve the situation is to render to image sequences and assemble them later. The rest is just a workflow question. Instead of using excessively large images, cut them into tiles and keep them together with parenting or pre-composing. AE will optimize itself to not render content that's 100% invisible or outside the comp, but naturalyl it can't do that if you force it to keep large images in memory all the time. It's merely a mtter of structuring your project and also temporally splitting layers, so they can be hidden when needed. No magic required, just some thinking.



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            nathang58027668 Level 1

            Thank you Mylenium for your speedy answer!!


            However, forgive me for not being too tech savy... I have seen many other AE users with less powerfull machines attain a RAM usage that goes way above the 10% I am currently obtaining. I have been messing around with different options however since this morning and have managed to get that 10% up to 30% by increasing the number of GB per background CPU. Don't exactly how that works but hey it worked, if you know how to get it even higher it would be much appreciated.


            As for the workflow, i get what you are saying but as I said, my initial PSD file has over 300 layers and tiling all of them, as well as running through parenting in AE, well... I could easily see that taking days if not a full week to do. I am however trying an alternative option which again probably is not the most professional. I am keeping my precomps at their initial resolution and doing the timelapse animation within each one, and in my main composition i downsized it to an HDTV 1080 25fps and created a camera layer and basically just zoomed way out in order to fit the high res images (and precomps) into the comp, and then proceeded to do the camera movements from there. Don't know just yet how that will work out.


            ps: just thought of how i could do the tiling technique. Cropping the full A2 into many smaller constituent PSDs would also crop the layers and importing them all into my AE project, and subsequently parenting all the layers that belong together together... might take some time but it could work. Thank you for the info on AE optimizing itself to not render whatever layers are not in view.


            Kind Regards and agian some apologies for my lack in tech savy, it is something I aim on getting in tune with since after all I am in Design. I am more of a practical user rather than a experienced, technical user ^^


            Nathan Gilbert

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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The bottleneck is likely not the RAM. It may be the fact that there are such huge files in your scene. Maybe lowering the amount of RAM AE can use would help (which is counter-intuitive, I know, but it can sometimes help.)