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    I was hoping someone could help with with protecting my PDF


      Thank you in advance for your help! I am trying to figure out the best way to protect my documents. The end goal is to make it extremely difficult for anyone other than the recipient of the PDF to get their hands on the information.


      Is there a way to Bulk Watermark documents (i.e. create PDF in acrobat, attach to email in Outlook, BCC a distribution with multiple recipients and have it display that users email address as the watermark when they open it?).


      I have also seen functionality where if you click anywhere in the document it is attached to a mailto:xxx@xxx.com and opens up an email. This would prevent any copy and pasting. How is this done? 


      My last question is in regards to disabling printing or forwarding of the document. Is this possible?


      Again thank you for any help in regards to my question!