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    time per slide

      I was wondering if you can change the amount of time that is spent on each slide when making the presentation in powerpoint. I know how to change it for all slides, but I didn't know if different slides could have different amounts of time.
      Thanks for your help!
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          i_am_captivate Level 1

          If you are going to publish your presentation in Breeze, you can go to the Breeze menu and then select Audio editor. In here, you can insert a silence (by going to insert - silence) and then specify the amount of silence you want for a given slide. However long you make the silence, will be the length of the slide.
          Also, if you have no audio, by default, the slide is 5 seconds long, you can change this by going in to the breeze menu and then selecting Presentation settings. The last box allows you to change the length of slides with no audio attatched to them.

          I hope this helps