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    Button order in PDF

    dpajewski Level 1

      I'm about to lose my mind on this one. I have a page in InDesign CC 2015 which has 11 buttons on it using show/hide. So the user clicks the first button and the next one shows up, and so on. The very last button I want to be on top of everything else. It works fine in the preview but when I export to the iPDF, it's behind the other buttons. I have re-created these buttons numerous times, placed on different layers, changed the tab order - NOTHING works!

      In the screens below you can see, each line of text is a button and the gray box is the final button that shows on top.


      Any help or suggestions?


      Here is part of what it looks like in InDesign (sorry can't share the whole page for privacy reasons):


      Here is how it shows in the final PDF - you can see the box is now behind the other buttons:

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          Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

          The button actions should be like this:

          Button 1 (show)       Buttons 2-11(hidden)       user clicks B1 >

          Button 1 (hidden)       Button 2(show)       Buttons 3-11(hidden)      user clicks B2 >

          Buttons 1-2 (hidden)       Button 3(show)       Buttons 4-11(hidden)      user clicks B3 >

          Buttons 1-3 (hidden)       Button 4(show)       Buttons 5-11(hidden)      user clicks B4 >



          Buttons can have multiple actions (hide and show)