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    Two strange bugs in 6.7: crop previous and transform aspect.


      New bug in 6.7: Paste settings (using previous) will paste a strange crop. Previous picture was 4x6 new picture now cropped custom or 8.5x11. Inconsistent, can not replicate.

      Ongoing bug from previous version: I apply "transform / Aspect" to +10 at import on all pictures (just a subtle thinning on my wedding clients). Inconsistently, some will spontaneously change to -10 as I process the batch. Hint: it may be due to grid view, without previews pre-generated, when the preview self-generates. Even if I then apply my "transform aspect to +10" preset, it is stuck on -10 until I move the slider.

      Windows 8.1 64bit i7-4790 16gb ram.