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    Looking for Recipe to Connect AIR to Java classes

    molaro Level 1
      I have an Air app. My app connects to my database by hitting a ColdFusion CFC via a RemoteObject (<mx:RemoteObject>), and downloads data. That CFC is hitting existing Java class files to make the final connection. For various reasons, I would like to have my AIR app connect directly to the Java classes for the calls. I would prefer to NOT have to install BlazeDS or any other new technologies.

      I have spent the better part of a day googling and reading Adobe's dev center looking for a clear, step by step post on how to make this happen. At this point I have found nothing useful and have wasted my time. So far I THINK I am supposed to load my java class files in the libs directory (but not sure if that's the CF WEB-INF/lib or the Flex project's libs directory), then change the services-config.xml file to point to that. I may possibly need to change that file both on my server AND add a copy in my local Flex project. I also am not clear on what to change and what not to change in that file. If I can get that connection made, it seems that I can use my existing RemoteObject code with a few minor tweaks to make the connection. But, I must be missing something b/c all I get is errors.

      I am looking for DETAILED, STEP BY STEP instructions on how to do this, preferable without installing anything else on my server. I would like to have those instructions specify where the files to change are, what my re-worked services config file should look like in full, what if any compiler arguments I need in Flex, and so on. My setup includes a standard Apache web server, CF MX 7.0.1, Flex 3, AIR 1, Jrun4, and my JVM is 1.5, but may very soon be 1.6.

      If anybody can point me to such directions, or would be so kind to write them in a reply I will do my best to buy you a beer or something. Seriously!