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    Edge Animate is showing the wrong start point.

    nickg55985485 Level 1


      I keep having the same problem pop up in different projects and I was hoping someone could help me out with it.


      Here is a test I've made.


      Basically it should start with a white BG and the text. it should then have a purple wipe. then a blue wipe.


      for some reason it starts with a blue BG instead of a white BG.

      I then added a green box to work out what frame it is using as a start point.


      The weird thing is the start frame is not showing the green box even thought the green box is constantly on in the timeline.


      Please help!


      I keep having the same issue where it is showing the wrong start point.




      Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 19.13.13.png

      Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 19.13.18.png

      Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 19.13.27.png

      Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 19.13.35.png