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    No option to sync a Collection with mobile


      I've searched for an answer to this but am unable to find one.  I've recently joined Adobe Photography CC and installed Lightroom CC.  I am signed in with my Adobe account, both in CC and LR itself (under the Help menu it shows me signed in).  I also have sync activated in the Identity Plate (ie it says "Sync with Lightroom Mobile" - when I click this again it says "Start" and when I click a second time the Start disappears and a pop up appears saying Sync On, so I assume this is activated).


      However, I can't see any options next to my existing Collections to allow me to sync them to mobile, and when I create a new Collection there is no option to sync it to mobile.  It seems that something is missing and hasn't been turned on to allow sync, but I can't figure out what it is!


      I'm probably just doing something wrong but any ideas gratefully received - I'd really like to be able to view certain Collections on my phone etc. rather than my laptop.