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    Vietnamese characters aren't fully recognized by AfterEffects

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      Hello. Every time I try to copy/paste Vietnamese content into a text layer in AE (version, some special characters don't come through. I tried standard Windows fonts that naively support Vietnamese (Arial, Times New Roman, etc.) and they don't work. When I paste the text into any other Adobe product (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator), special character are shown without any issues.


      Does anyone happen to have a workaround and/or a solution? I contacted Adobe and they asked me to submit to to the forums (they weren't very helpful).


      Special characters are displayed fine in the comp screen in the bottom left corner of AE project (as shown in my screenshot), but not in the main Comp area.


      Here is the sample text I'm trying to copy over: CÓ GÌ BÊN TRONG MÁY TÍNH CỦA BẠN?

      2016-10-19 10_49_50.png


      Thank you in advance!