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    Optimizing PC for After Effects


      Hey all,


      First post here ever so I hope I do an okay job describing my inquiry. I have two PCs that are both pretty well suited for After Effects (I believe). Specs are as follows...




      64GB 3000mhz RAM
      2x Samsung 850 EVO 1TB

      Asus Rampage V 10 Edition MoBo

      Nvidia GTX 1080 GPU

      1000W PSU


      I already have my caching setup on my separate drive from where I am running and saving the program. My big question is how can I better optimize After Effects on this PC? Don't get me wrong it does a good job... but once you start rendering a few layers with a little bit of math it seems like it bogs down quite a bit. Often when I look at people using older versions of After Effects (in videos) it seems like everything they create renders to their drive for playback. I don't ever see this happening ahead of time on my PC. I also often see that even after playing through something it just renders to RAM (I believe RAM the bright green render marker) and very rarely to the cache. I have a 110GB cache that is not even close to full so I am not sure how this is happening. It doesn't seem there is too much support for After Effects CC users with this regard. I know they took RAM preview out which is a bummer but what am I missing here? I am using the most up to date version of AE CC as well if that matters.



      Thank you for your time and consideration!


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