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    How to work with Breakpoints when it comes to Muse Cookie Blog

    christianarthurchampagne Level 1

      Hi again.


      Thought i would ask away =)


      I am totally new to the Cookie blog which is now set up at www.priceprofiler.fi

      only in test phase still.


      Now what im wondering about is how well do blogs in general work responsively. Is there a point where it just becomes to hard to use.

      So im wondering till what break point i should set it up to. My smallest being 320.


      I also have a little blog feed on my front page of the site, and thinking that at smaller breakpoints, that might have to dissapear completely.

      So i guess just wondering how much control i have with the blog in my smaller breakpoints as i think it will get hard to use especially stuff like

      my "Show all posts" on the right?


      Some good advice would be helpful! Many thanks!