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    LR6.7 Import drops keywords on DNG conversion


      I have a fairly straightforward import template that applies keywords during import.  I shoot CR2 raw and use the Copy as DNG to import the photos into my catalog.  During the import, I can watch all of the CR2 files along with the "photo has keywords" icon show up on every image.  Then as LR begins to convert the CR2 to DNG, it randomly drops the keyword only on some photos.  It doesn't seem to matter how many photos I import at a time.  The last batch of about 20 photos I imported, LR dropped the keyword tag from 3 photos.  This behavior defeats my import template of applying keywords during import as I now have to manually check and re-add the keywords to the photos that have had theirs dropped when converted to a DNG. 


      Has anyone else experienced a similar issue?  Are there any suggestions to try in the settings or preferences to correct this LR behavior?


      My current setup is an iMac running Sierra OS.