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    Moving Lightroom CC used on external drive only from PC to Mac



      I have just upgraded to mac. I have an Adobe CC license so I installed Lightroom CC, the newest version, to my mac. I've recently used Lightroom only with my external drive , that I have recently backed up to another drive. I have mostly film scans so when I import I only "add" my photos to the catalogue. So right now I want to open and work with my catalogue on my new laptop, with the new drive (the back up one), but Lightroom won't open with the external drive ( i have read such things happen). What do I do? Do I need to move all my scans and then the catalogue to the computer and then I can work with Lightroom? Do I will never be able to work on Lightroom both at PC and Mac? and how will I know if all the changes that I have made will be changed when I use the Mac?

      Thank you in advance!