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    Motion Capture Issue

    Quiet in the Corner

      I'm experiencing an issue with motion capture recording. I'm recording a desktop application that operates as a side bar. When menus open and close during playback they leave a black outline on the screen. this also happens when the mouse moves, so you see a trail of residue from point to another. I have a feeling this something to do with the refresh rate on the PC where I'm recording but I'm not totally sure.

      Has anybody else seen this happen and does anybody know how to fix it?


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          macrofireball Level 3
          Hi Alex,

          Do you get the same effect when you publish your project as a SWF? If so then to start with I would select each of the Full Motion Recording slides in your project and choose Slide > Video Quality > High Quality. Next publish again and see if that improves things.

          If not, then carry out the following steps:
          1. Choose Edit > Preferences
          2. From the Recording preferences choose Full Motion Recording
          3. Select the 32 Bit video color mode for SWF conversion
          4. Click OK
          5. Capture your FMR footage again.

          If this still doesn't make any difference you could also try Disabling the hardware acceleration. This option can be found in the FMR section of the Recording Preferences.

          Best - Mark
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            Quiet in the Corner Level 1
            Hi Mark,

            It's SWF that we are outputting to - sorry I should have said that!!

            We'll have a crack at the steps you outlined and I'll let you know whether there's an improvement.

            Thanks for your input, it's much appreciated.