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    My first attempt to program not working


      My HTML file


      <!doctype html>
      <title>Silly Simple</title>

      <button id="silly">Do It</button>
      <button id="clear">Clear</button>
      <div id="results"></div>
      <script src="js/zepto.js"> <\script>
      <script src="js/silly.js"></script>


      My JS file


      var SILLY = (function(module){

      module.DoIT = function(resultObject){

      resultObject.prepend(Date() + '<br/>')};

      return module;

      }(SILLY || {}));


      I have downloaded zepto.js to work with this program....There are two buttons "Do It" and "Clear"

      Pressing "Do It" is supposed to display Date and "Clear" supposed to clear the screen....

      But "Do It" is not working....


      Please help !!!!!