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    RoboHelp10, RoboServer9...Search box changed

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      old search box in help.png

      new search box in OLH.pngI

      I want to use the second image in my online help.  I am using RoboHelp10 with RoboServer9.  My search works properly when my search box shows as in the 2nd image here.  Is there a way to control this?  In addition, sometime my project, once generated, is displaying "show" at the top of each topic and when this is available, typically the TOC isn't showing and when I click show, the TOC displays.  Any help you can provided would be appreciated.  I am generating WebHelp Pro.


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          johndaigle Level 4

          Hi, Lana

          Before I forget, be sure to update your Rh client and server applications as I mentioned in an earlier post.


          Regarding your latest post, take a look at your Search settings for WebHelp Pro. I don't have the old RoboHelp 10 on any computer, so I'm not sure if these dialogs are exactly the same, but they won't be too far off.


          Make sure your "default" topic is NOT set to an "index.htm or default.htm" page. Some folks confuse the term "default" that a web server uses vs. the default TOPIC which is the topic you want to appear first when the user comes to your content.


          Define a default WebHelp Pro WINDOW with a unique name in the Project Setup > Window dialog.

          Then select that window name in the Default Window field shown below.



          Next, notice the tick boxes in the 2nd WebHelp Pro Settings screen shot below.

          To get the type of Search box navigation pane you are wanting, be sure to tick the various boxes that are relevant to what you want to show.


          Also in the Navigation section the word "Link" means that some folks who are using Context Sensitive Help for web applications may want to display a single topic is a custom window without the navigation pane showing. Show the word "Show" is displayed so that a reader can open the navigation pane if they so desire.  In your case though, I suspect the Show link is because of the Default topic issue I mentioned above.




          Let us know if this works.


          John Daigle

          Adobe Certified RoboHelp and Captivate Instructor

          Evergreen, Colorado