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    "Out of focus"


      I am a new contributor and recently submitted a batch of images as a trial. 2 of the images came back with the rejection of "out of focus." At 100% the only place I notice "out of focus" is in the water. Is that the only place others see?

      morning sunrise.jpg

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          I wish there was a way to contest the decisions that their algorithm makes (it can't be people making these decisions)

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            MatHayward Adobe Employee

            In my personal opinion the contrast is overdone in this image and the saturation appears unnatural. You may find a better result submitting this image with less post processing.


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            Mat Hayward

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              Eulippia Prime Level 1

              The detail in this sample is very soft.  If you did use post-processing on it, then consider submitting it "as-is".   The leaf clusters are undefined.  The branches and limbs of the trees are all rather fuzzy.  There is nothing sharp.  Take a look at the photo I have attached.  Look at the more distant elements.  You will see that there is an area that is sharp, and then there is a fall-off to a softer area. Everything does not have to be super-sharp.  At least your primary subject should be sharp.  This one was rejected because of focus.  I think the problem is that it is a rolling focus.  Nevertheless, there are very sharp points and very shallow points and plenty of increments. 




              I hope this helps