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    Watermark in Wrong Location


      I'm trying to locate a digital signature (watermark) in the lower right corner on an image that will be printed on metal. In the dialog box, in the Align section, I select Right but it is placed in the left corner, Same thing happens when I select Center, it ends up in the lower left corner.

      ScreenHunter_69 Oct. 19 20.22.jpg


      Also, the option to select a color for the watermark is nice...... too bad the color picker box covers the half of the image and I can't select the color I want from the image.... I can't drag the box off of the image either. There is room for improvement with that feature.

      ScreenHunter_70 Oct. 19 20.23.jpg


      I have LR version 6.7, its up to date as of this morning. I'm on a PC, Windows 8.1.