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    Applying New Paragraph Styles to scaled text


      I have a finished print catalogue in a large format and need to reproduce the same content at smaller trim size (205 x 270mm > 165 x 213mm)


      If I scale the entire page globally by 21% the cut & paste the entire spread into the smaller trim document. The content fits pretty much spot on. That's great so far.

      My original 8pt body text now becomes 6.32pt, which is too small to read. I want to enlarge my text up to 7.36pt which is deemed readable.


      I have created new paragraph and character styles to upsize the copy (other copy attributes are all scaled up in vary sizes) from 6.32pt to 7.36pt. I have created the new styles in a master document. From my new smaller document I then go to paragraph styles and load all text styles and apply the new size from my master document. But that doesn't work.


      Unfortunately it appears it's not posible to apply paragraph styles to copy that has already been scaled?


      I use specific leading so I can't apply Horizontal and Vertical scaling from within paragraph styles.


      Does anyone know of a work around or way to apply paragraph style to my scaled copy attribute please.


      I'm working on a Mac running El Capitan, and using InDesign version CS6


      Many thanks


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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          robb59696090 wrote:

          … Unfortunately it appears it's not posible to apply paragraph styles to copy that has already been scaled?

          Hi Rob,


          I see no reason why this can't be done.
          You need not to apply new paragraph styles. Just change the old ones that you already have applied.


          What you have to do depends on the "When Scaling" Preferences that were in effect when scaling was done.
          There are two options. Depending on that you either have to decrease the point size value or you have to increase the point size value of the already applied paragraph styles.


          1. If you see values like that: 8 (6.32) just increase the value of 8 pt until the value in brackets are the ones you want to see. In this example with a scaling factor of 0.79 that would be 7.36 x 1/0.79 = 9.316455 pt.


          2. If you see values without the brackets: 6.32, change the paragraph style to 7.36 pt and reapply the style with the alt-key pressed (Mac OSX).


          To get scenario 1—which I think, is preferable—you have to set the "When Scaling" Preferences to "Adjust Scaling Percentage".