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    iOS Audio Issues


      Hi there,


      We have an app that has an embedded iframe in the index.html. Inside that iframe there is an html 5 audio player and some text, pretty straightforward. For some reason the audio will not play on iOS devices. We have tried several different devices on iOS 9 and 10 and none will work. It is not a permissions issue as we can play the audio directly in mobile safari on the devices. The audio plays fine on the browser emulator but once it's compiled and deployed on a device the audio wont play. The plugins we are using are: splashscreen, inappbrowser, whitelist, and insomnia. I tried adding media but that did not do anything. I also added allow inline media playback preference and that did not do anything. The audio will play fine on Android. Also the media file is mp3 format. Any help, tips, things to try would be greatly appreciated