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    InDesign Server using CORBA - define port number

    Robert Janoska

      Hi there,


      I found an old discussion (InDesign Server CORBA plug-in issues ) where it says that InDesign Server is using omniORB and that with using the parameter


      -ORBendPoint giop:tcp:<serverIP>:<portNumber>


      it should be possible to define IP-address and port.


      We are using InDesing Server CC 2015 and it does not work. InDesign Server is choosing randomly a portnumber which is quite bad since we need to configure the firewall.


      I checked the documentation of omniORB (http://omniorb.sourceforge.net/omni41/omniNames.pdf) and it says that the right parameter is:


      -ORBendPointPublish giop:tcp:address:


      but this does not work either.


      So guys, does anyone knows how to configure IDS so that it uses the given portnumber with using the CORBA interface?!


      Kind regards,Robert