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    Edge animate issues working on an old project



      I'm trying to modify an old project created using Edge Animate.

      It opens fine in the latest Edge Animate (cc2015), I only get a message saying that the project was created using an older version and that it will be updated.

      The problem is if I save that file and close it, I can't open it again. I get an error message "an error has occured, please save your work and try again"


      Same thing with Edge Animate CC2014


      With Edge Animate 2.0 It says the project was created with a more recent version so it can't open it.


      I checked the javascript in my project and identified that it was created using Edge v3.0.0.322.

      I managed to get my hands on version v3.0.0.322.27519 But I'm having similar issues. If I save the file, I can't open it again.


      I need help!