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    Not sure where to start....Livecycle, Pro?


      I've never worked with an Adobe product other than as a user with Reader.


      I now have Livecycle installed but I'm not sure if it alone will meet my needs.  Here is what I'm trying to accomplish:


      I was given a form already created that is locked. (So I believe I need Livecycle to read it - I am fine making a copy of this form but I need access to the existing validations).


      -I want to be able to pre-fill the fields based on some external input (XML most likely)

      -I want to allow the user to modify the fields and click a button to send the data (XML) off to a web service (a dynamic URL that I want to set when the user launches the form).

      -This web service will require some sort of authentication, so I'll need to pass that along too.



      1. Is this something I can accomplish in Livecycle?  Or will I also need Adobe Pro?
      2. Will I need to write some scripts or is there a way to do this with the drag/drop functionality?