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    Even spacing


      I'm brand new to In Design, and trying to teach myself all it has to offer as quickly as I can.


      I just watched the tutorial on making a post card, and in the "Position Elements" video, around the 30 sec. mark, they talk about holding "alt. & shift" to create even spacing, with a double headed arrow showing up.


      When I followed the tutorial step-by-step, this all worked fine, but since then, I've been trying this on my own exploration projects, and the double headed arrows don't show up. Wondering if anyone has ideas on what I'm forgetting to do. I've dragged my rulers into my project, I'm holding alt & shift...I will also point out, none of my frames are snapping into even alignments, and I wonder if that has something to do with it?


      Just looking for thoughts.


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          BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

          So you drew one straight line?

          Switched to the Selection tool?

          Held Alt and Shift as you pulled a duplicate line off of the original?


          Alt duplicates. Shift maintains the alignment so the the new line is directly below the original and does not shift left or right as you drag.

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            BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

            As for the even spacing, the narrator refers casually to using Smart Guides to get evenly spaced lines. I didn't watch the preceding videos, but did he cover what they do?


            They need to be checked in the View menu:

            InDesign CCss_001.png

            And as you Alt+Sh drag down the third line (and later lines) you will see green guides on the far right side indicating even spacing. I can't get a screen shot with them showing. If it works, great, but here is another technique:

            1. Draw one line.
            2. Alt+Sh drag out 3 more
            3. Select all 4 of them with by dragging around them with the Selection tool
              InDesign CCss_004.png
            4. Window > Object & Layout > Align. Change Align to: Selection and then click the 2nd button under distribution.

            InDesign CCss_003.png


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              davidp97400217 Level 1

              Turning on Lock Column Guides did it. Thanks!

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                BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

                They are on as a default, so they must have been unlocked along the way. Glad you are back on track.