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    Ghost lines on paper that doesn't show up on any files


      I have experienced twice this month the followign phenomenon:


      There is a PDF we generate at work from Indesign. This indesign has files linked from Illustrator. Once it happened on a map (a very big, very detailed map) and the other on a book page print test on our printers.




      When we saw the paper, we noticed lines that shouldn't be there. Not bleed or cut lines, Black thin lines in the middle of the map or the page. This lines didn't exist nor were seen on PDF, on InDesign and neither on Illustrator. We've generated the files in different computers (always pdf 1.4), renamed the files, and still it kept showing up. It wasn't no shape with contour that we skiped, it wasn't any mask with filling color, neither any pixel inside the mask that was disguised. The only way we managed to hide it was covering them with white blocks or leaving the box with outline white. But as it is happening on a map, we can't simply put a white block on top of it.




      And it has happened on different printers, as the map goes to a plotter and the page to a regular laser printer.




      What could this be? I haven't found anything like that on the internet, but I couldn't really think on how to name well this thing. Thank you if you come over to try to help