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    Sharp Mask


      Capture One has a great feature called a sharp mask which highlights areas of a photo that are sharp.

      Does Lightroom have anything similar that would do the same thing?

      This feature is both available for tethered and imported images.

      It works great in selecting things like portraits where you are using shallow depth of field but want to be sure that the eyes are in focus.

      I would love to see something like that in Lightroom.




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          Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

          Lightroom has a feature called Masking under Sharpening in the Detail panel.

          It's purpose is to protect flat areas from sharpening, and only sharpen details.

          Set to zero, everything will receive sharpening, set to 100, only the most defined edges will be sharpened.

          If you hold down Alt while dragging the slider, the image turns to black & white - white areas will be sharpened and black areas protected. You can use it in Fit view, but for critical work view the image at 1:1 while dragging the slider.

          (sharpening and noise reduction should always be applied and evaluated at 1:1 view)

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            NikeJeff Level 1

            Thank you for taking time to answer my question

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              NikeJeff Level 1

              Thank you for taking time to give an answer to my question.

              Sorry but I guess I need to explain further

              When you turn the sharp mask on in Capture One

              It highlights all the areas of the image that are in sharp focus. This lets you know the critical areas of sharpness in your image. The highlights are in bright green so easy to see. If you are shooting tethered you know if got the shot in focus right away no messing with it.

              When reviewing multiple images you can choose very fast which ones to work with. Based on critical sharp areas

              So I am not looking to sharpen a picture just a mask that shows areas of sharpness in a picture.



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                JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                There is no such feature in Lightroom.

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                  NikeJeff Level 1

                  Thanks hopefully they will add.


                  Jeff Jaekel