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    Photoshop CS6 vs CC, RAW versus DNG

    DutchNickyAC Level 1

      I am not sure that this is the best title but let me state my issue.


      I bought a new camera that produces raw files that cannot be processed anymore by Adobe's Raw that is part of CS6. Although I can process them with Adobe Cloud, I hate being forced to buy into their subscription without being warned about this. So for now I am using my CS6 which does me fine, with the Adobe DNG Converter provided by Adobe. So far so good.


      I checked out CC with their trial, decided against subscribing and was dumb enough to uninstall it. Thus apparently damaging something in my original CS6's settings. When I now use Adobe DNG converter, my files come up in black and white. I spoke to a guy who is a developer at Adobe Raw but I have reached the end of his knowledge. He is the ONLY person I was able to find, or I should say: he was the only PERSON I was able to find who was willing to discuss this with me by email. Other than that I seem to be unable to find a face at Adobe for this issue.


      This is, to me, a serious issue. I did not expect the trial software to mess up my original program versions. Programs, mind you, that I paid for with lots of dollars!!

      So I need help. I can go back to an earlier version of Photoshop via my TimeMachine. I can find a date from before installing the pesky trial. But... I know that there are other files that Photoshop uses. So is there anyone out there who can help me do this? I am a Mac user, I am on 10.9.5 OS (Old but needed on this machine for older software in my business to keep running). I need to know which files to replace.


      I am sure that the above is what is happening because...

      I have the trial software on my laptop as well. It has not reached the expiration date yet and I can process my raw files, save them as DNG and see everything in colour. So I know this is not something that has attached itself to the file, but rather that my CS6 version on the Desktop has lost something essential and is now unable to show the colour information. This is a big big problem because I use my limited deskspace and limited memory on the laptop only during travel. It is not my main machine. I am now stuck on a workflow that forces me to process raw on the laptop (for as long as the trial is valid), save them as DNG and JPG and then continue processing on my main machine, which is my workhorse.


      The raw files come from a FUJI X-T2 camera. Its previous version was 100% compatible with Adobe but for some incomprehensible reason (marketing?) Fuji and Adobe have decided in their wisdom that the RAF files that come from the X-T2 are ONLY compatible natively with CC. Which nobody told me when I bought the camera after talking to a Fuji employee. He proudly referred to the Adobe plug-in update. And did not even know that this was only valid for the subscription version of Photoshop. I am completely done with Fuji now. I will use it, but I have been forced back to my original Nikon and Canon equipment. This smacks of a marketing scheme to force me into an annual subscription and I ain't liking it. Was willing to stick with my guns and use the DNG Converter that Adobe provides but now that fails as well.



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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Nothing has changed in the Adobe scheme of camera raw updates. Only the currently released version of Photoshop is compatible with new camera raw updates. The last version of Camera Raw that is compatible with Photoshop CS6 is camera raw 9.1.1. I'm not sure what is going on with the DNG converter because it is a completely separate standalone program that should not be affected by anything that happened when you uninstalled the trial version of Photoshop CC. You might want to check the options in the DNG converter to make sure  compatibility is set to  an appropriate version of Camera Raw that you are using.


          The camera that you are using was released long after Camera Raw 9.1.1. There is no way that there can be compatibility with your camera in that version. You referred to Adobe's "wisdom". I don't understand what you mean. The camera you purchased is newer than the Camera Raw you are able to use. As I indicated at the beginning, nothing has changed in that regard. Support for new cameras is never added to older versions of Camera Raw. Once a new version of Camera Raw is released, all support for the previous version is terminated. And because of operating system and program changes, it isn't practical to keep Camera Raw compatible with older versions of Photoshop.

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            DutchNickyAC Level 1

            Thank you for taking the time to reply.


            There are two separate issues.

            1. Black and white and no more colour in converted raf files (new format: DNG)

            2. The incompatibility issue


            The first is what this post is about. I need to know why this happens. If you tell me that it should not have happened, could you provide me with a list of directories to check when I want to swap files with an earlier Time Machine backup? Or is it safer to just uninstall my old Photoshop, re-install from my dvds, then upgrade?




            As for issue 2, (but only if you are interested, no pressure):

            I completely understand Adone's point of view. I am a software developer (in a totally different corner of the market) myself and I have no issue with it per se. The thing that bothers me is that Fuji tells people that the files from the new camera are "fully compatible" with Adobe products. This is not true. They are compatible with the Cloud generation of Adobe products, which require a minimum of $100+ annual subscription cost. So this is mis-information by Fuji. And as a result many people like me are disgruntled that their expensive Adobe product CS6 Creative Suite now no longers handles our raw files, contrary to what the salespeople tell us. Of course, by then, the camera is purchase and we have seen how well it performs and we are in hook line and sinker. It just does not make me feel warm and fuzzy...  Adobe was kind enough to provide us with a converter but now I run into issues with that, as soon as I uninstall the trial.


            And that does not put me in the best of moods. Also, I really seriously wonder if it is really truly true that Adobe could not make 1 exception for the X-t2. They have already written the code for CC so how much time would it really take to include, in that code, the compatibility for X-t2? The camera is an updated model of an existing one and uses sensor technique identical to an older camera that was also compatible with CS6. I am sure there is more happening under the hood but still....

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I'm not sure what until you about the color issue. The DNG converter is not associated with Photoshop. Reinstalling Photoshop isn't going to solve the problem, I don't think. Are you using DNG converter 9.7? That is the latest, and the one  that I recommend that you use. Also, as I mentioned previously, make sure you have selected the proper compatibility option in the DNG converter..


              As far as the compatibility issue is concerned, your camera IS compatible with current versions of Adobe products. Unfortunately, salesman aren't aware of Adobe updates. Why should they be? It isn't their problem. They have been told that the camera is compatible with Adobe products. That's true. But since you are using an older version of Photoshop that is no longer being ujpdated I think it's unrealistic  for you to expect full compatibility. You say why can't Adobe just make "this one" camera compatible with older versions? Well then, what about the latest Canon cameras, Nikon cameras, and every other camera? The line has to be drawn somewhere. Unfortunately, you are on the wrong side  of the line.

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                DutchNickyAC Level 1

                I am using version 9.7 of Adobe DNG converter and I have discussed settings directly with a ACR developer. Nothing obvious wrong there.

                The reason I am making the link with Photoshop (of which ACR is an integral part as far as I know) is that the issue started after I uninstalled Photoshop CC yesterday from my computer using their installer. I did not do that on my laptop, which has the same trial version running. When I open my "old" Photoshop CS6 on the laptop, the converted RAF images (which are by then DNG) show up in colour, as they did on my desktop before yesterday. I am discussing this with Adobe directly right now. If I find a solution that is worth sharing I will do so in this topic.

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                  JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  It might be worth checking to verify what version of camera raw you are using in Photoshop CS6. Camera raw 9.1.1 is the last version that you can use. Your uninstall process might have removed the camera raw that you need.  Don't know, just guessing..

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                    DutchNickyAC Level 1

                    For those who are interested, here is an update.


                    Adobe Cloud trial software may be a bit sticky. When you have downloaded it and decide to opt out, you may run into the issues I described above. Today I did a couple of things to rectify the problem. A kind gentleman who works at Adobe cared enough to reach out and call me. We figured it out although I cannot be sure which of the steps set out below did the trick. I just hope it was a one-time phenomenon.


                    Let me describe in order what I did:

                    Originally I installed the trial software and used it up to the point of expiration. Since I did not want it, I uninstalled it, using their own uninstaller. And then the black and white DNG-misery started. Today I  gambled and redownloaded the trial software for Photoshop CC; just to see if it would give me another 7 days to play with it. But no dice. So I uninstalled it again. I still had no solution for the black and whites.


                    After my conversation with the Adobe representative tonight, I did the following:

                    1. Deleted the Adobe DNG converter software and restarted the computer (gets rid of unwanted ghost files)

                    2. Re-downloaded and re-installed it

                    3. Tried to use it and lo and behold, I had colour...

                    4. Still curious about the earlier black and whites though... When I opened them in ACR they still showed up in black and white. So I followed instructions by Adobe and opened one of the offending images in Adobe Bridge

                    5. Right clicked it, chose "Development settings" and selected "Clear Settings"

                    The file then showed colour.


                    I did this the day before as well and all it did at that point was trigger a message about my CC-trial being expired.


                    So, what this tells me is that some part of the trial software must have still remained on my computer.


                    That's all, folks. Thanks Adobe, for helping out. It was great dealing with a person on the phone instead of having to dig through forums and FAQ archives.