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    Virtual Volume?


      [Windows 7, Lightroom 4, Western Digital My Cloud NAS Storage]

      A sequence of events led to a large number of photos being stored in a "Virtual Volume."


      A hard drive with Lightroom photo storage wouldn't open;

      I coaxed it to open and, once open, saved photo collection to another drive (this was,of course, done outside of Lightroom);

      This left my libraries in Lightroom with many missing files.

      Using the Find Missing Files procedures in Lightroom, I began the long task of linking many folders of photo files.

      I was also, in the same general time frame, moving my main Lightroom file storage to a NAS (Network Attached Storage - using WDMYCLOUD2EXULTA 4TB RAID - total 8TB).

      In Lightroom, I selected re-linked folders and dragged them into the photo storage folder on MYCLOUD.  Working great.


      If you are unfamiliar with the Western Digital's MyCloud NAS, storage can be grouped into folders called "Shares."  These are managed through the Dashboard.


      Problem: When I went to the Dashboard, I could see all my Shares (Folders).  Suddenly, I found I could not move additional re-linked folders in Lightroom - getting an indication of insufficient disk space (though 2.5 TB remains free).  When I went to the Dashboard to see if additional disk space could be allocated, I discovered that my Lightroom photo Share (Folder) was not visible.  In the Windows "Library" view, when I hover the cursor over the Photo folder, a secondary window opens indicating the folder is "VIRTUAL VOLUME."


      Anyone know how I can find out why this became a Virtual Volume and how I can "Unvirtualize" it.  I think that the WD MyClound Dashboard can not see the Share until I do so, and am, therefore, prevented from allocating more disk space to my photos.  Arg.


      Any help will be appreciated.