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    Unwanted dots

    DerekHatfield Level 1

      This may be a weird question, but how do I keep my edge of my hand/wrist from making dots on the draw layer?

      I'm using Apple Pencil to draw and every so often I get dots or strokes from my hand touching the iPad Pro screen.

      Anyway to keep that from happening?

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Derek,


          I have the same drawing style and having my hand on the canvas when using Pencil works ok for me(I leave stray marks every once in awhile, but not usually).


          Give this a try: Place your hand/wrist on the screen THEN put the Pencil down to draw and see if that helps with stray marks.


          Although we get a fair amount of feedback about adding a toggle to completely ignore fingers/palms when using Pencil, I don't know what the plan is for doing that. Will you let me know if it helps to place your hand before touching Pencil to the screen?