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    Understanding CC's spreads and new frames

    tlmurray23 Level 1

      I'm having an odd issue with InDesign CC's new pages, where after pasting content, the left page of a spread has a end-of-story (#) character.

      1. I have an old doc with several disconnected flows, and I want to now flow them together.
      2. Make a new doc, 12 facing pages and a primary text frame. Only the first body page has the # as does the left side of the master.
      3. Paste content from plain text editor, and it's okay, meaning I have one # at the end of several pages. Further pastes just move the # to later pages. Closing and reopening don't change anything.
      4. When I paste content from the old doc (into entirely new, 12-page doc), at first it looks good, meaning one # at the end. The problem is when I close and reopen: Now, all left pages have two frames. One frame has content, is movable, and has no #. The other, while not being a "frame" per se, it's just margins, has # on every left page.


      Anyone know what's going on?