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    Adobe Draw on IPad

    dariab2349148 Level 1

      I'm working on my ipad but then when I open the drawing on from creative cloud to my windows pc it opens as a png file and it's pixelated. How do I export it so I can see it as a vector when I open it on my pc?


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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Daria,


          Sorry you're having trouble. A couple of quick questions:

          What version of Illustrator CC are you using (open the app, then click on About Illustrator in the Illustrator CC menu)?

          Also, in Draw, are you using the Send to Illustrator CC link (it's in the Share menu in the top nav of an open drawing) to send the work to the desktop app?


          Let me know and we can take it from there.



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            dariab2349148 Level 1

            Hi Sue,

            Thanks for your reply. When I installed Illustrator CC on my pc it worked fine. I currently have a student version of CS6 and full version of the Photography pack CC. Is there a way I can update my Illustrator to CC student version at a good price?



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              Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

              Hi Daria.


              I don't know much about Creative Cloud pricing, but this link might help get you started: Adobe Creative Cloud for students and teachers | Adobe Creative Cloud


              Have you tried just sending your Draw work to Photoshop CC (since you have that bundle)?



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                BLK SKULLY Level 1



                I have been having issues with my adobe draw as well. I can not send my drawing to illustrator and whenever I use the link my Adobe draw crashes. I have tried the following:


                • Updating Adobe Cloud + uninstalling and reinstalling
                • Updating Illustrator + uninstalling and reinstalling
                • Updated Adobe Draw to its newest version 4
                • Updated my ipad to iOS 10.1.1


                I have run out of ideas and I am doing a project for commission so I need an answer as soon as possible, please help, thank you.

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                  Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



                  Sorry the feature's not working as it should.  About your work not showing up on the desktop, a few questions/things to check:


                  * What device and version of iOS are you using?

                  * Is it crashing every time you try to Send to Desktop? Are you ever getting the Sent! notification in the app?

                  * Are you having the trouble with one drawing or multiple drawings? If you've only tried one, can you draw something really simple and try sending that?

                  * Make sure Illustrator CC is the current version (21.0.0). Check this by opening the app and choosing About Illustrator from the Illustrator CC menu. And that the Creative Cloud Desktop App is v3.9.1.355. To find that, tap the CC icon in Apple's Menu Bar. Then the Gear icon. Then Preferences.


                  Let me know and we'll go from there.