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    How do you create sub-lists of letters in numbered lists?

    Lara M T Level 1

      I'm trying to figure out how to make a list similar to this

      1. Step 1
        1. Substep
        2. Substep
        3. substep
      2. Step 2


      This is very easy to do in Word (and on this forum), but when I try to do it in InDesign I'm running into problems. I have a list with more than 6 steps. After step 6, I had one substep. Then I wanted to go back to step 7, but for some reason it says Step 2. When I try Restart Numbering, it restarts at 1. When I try Continue Numbering, it goes back to 2. How can I make it go to 7?


      I appreciate the help.