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    InDesign CC Korean Font Wrapping


      I am looking for the setting in InDesign that will keep Korean words from breaking in the incorrect places. In previous versions, it looks like there was a setting called CJK or emojikumi. Does anyone know what settings I should be using to make sure the words break in the correct places.



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          Joel Cherney Level 5

          I have been setting Korean type in InDesign since CS, and I have never figured this one out. I'm actually a little embarrassed to admit it - instead of figuring out the technical background, I just applied a GREP style where anything that was not a valid breaking character had a no-break character style applied to it. It's a dirty hack in Korean, but it used to be totally necessary to work with Lao and Cambodian and a wide variety of other languages where Line Breaks Really Matter.


          Anyhow, you're looking for "mojikumi" not "emojikumi." You could try installing a CJK version of ID; there is a Korean localization, and I suspect it works there. If you want an English interface for CJK typesetting tools (and with a name like yours I imagine you do) you might want to try installing one of the many plugins that exposes multilingual tools within InDesign. I've been sending people to www.in-tools.com to look at World Tools Pro, which is my preferred plugin for exposing non-Latin-script typesetting tools within ID.